Alicia’s Dishrag Sweater

Alicia’s Dishrag Sweater

I usually prefer to make small things, but a few weeks ago my friend Alicia asked me to make her “a sweater”. I had just crocheted a mint green dishrag with a new stitch that I really liked, so I showed it to her and asked if she liked the stitch. “Yes,” she said ” and I like that color too!” She was a little vague in her description of what she wanted–long, oversized, but  not too bulky.

The sweater is crocheted in one piece from side to side (remember how I said I hated piecing things together?) with just 2 seams to sew. I picked up edge and cuff stitches and knitted them, but it could also be bordered in crochet. Yarn is Lion Brand Pound of Love. 4mm hook, size 4 knitting needles.

Alicia's Dishrag Sweater

Alicia's Dishrag Sweater

It took extra time to finish because I had to go back to Walmart for more yarn and they were out. So I went to a different Walmart and found it. It’s really aggravating that it takes so long for them to restock yarn.

That’s all for today. I have an order for slippers and I’m tweaking my old faithful slipper pattern.


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