Hat in the Hat: the Design Process & First Giveaway!


Did I put my foot in my mouth when I said I could crochet a hat for any character as long as I had a good picture of the character? This one was a real challenge!

Normally I HATE swatching. Seems like such a waste of time and material–I want to get right to the project. But shaping and color changes in this project didn’t lend themselves to my usual “make the basic plain hat and add features” way of doing character hats. So I started with a miniature to test my solution to the the main challenges.  Here’s my mini Cat in the Hat finger puppet:

Cat in the Hat finger puppet


Things I learned: to shape the floppy top of the Cat’s hat, the top white stripe has a slight decrease in the round. Face shaping is done with increases and decreases.  The vertical color change from black to white couldn’t be worked tapestry style because the contrast showed through the stitches. So I worked those rows back and forth, slip stitching them together at the change point.Here’s the finished Cat in the Hat Character Hat:


Cat in the Hat character hat


Normally, my character hats sell for $10.Of course, the Cat is essentially a “double hat” so he’ll be priced at $15.

On Sunday, March 3, 2012, one lucky reader will win the Cat in the Hat finger puppet. To enter, just tell your Facebook friends, Pinterest followers, or blog readers about my character hats and comment below to let me know!







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