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Fighting UFOs


Yes, once again I find myself apologizing for neglecting this blog. But I’ve been battling against UFOs.


No, not the type that are discouraged by the wearing of a fashionable tinfoil hat.

The type that plague crafters. The bags, boxes, and bins of the dreaded UnFinished Objects. The afghan that needs one skein of a color that Wal-mart no longer carries. The WHY did I think I would have the patience to crochet myself a blouse with #10 crochet cotton and a steel hook? The “oh, crap, why didn’t I notice I had one ball of cream and one ball of ecru BEFORE I had used them both on the same tablecloth?” And of course the cute little doll and wardrobe from the pattern I saved on my computer. Would you be surprised if I told you the computer crashed and now I can’t find the doll pattern online?

I did make some significant progress on some big projects. A striking winter ensemble knit in a basketweave slip stitch in red, black and white. Mid-length skirt and long-sleeve pullover. A matching hat from the scraps, Still need seamed and blocked. Didn’t feel like hand sewing a worsted weight sweater set in August. In Florida. It’s still in the 80s here. By the time it’s chilly enough for me to want to finish it, it will be buried in the spare bedroom aka the set for the pilot episode of Hoarders: the Early Years.

I’ve noticed a lot of people featured in Hoarders are crafters. So I really am trying. Especially since we’re considering a 1000-mile move in 2014. I need to do some serious downsizing here. Let’s see. Yes, I could get rid of some of the yarn stash. Anybody interested in two 70-yard skeins of Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn in white?

This is going to take awhile. Ooh, here’s a pretty scarf that only needs fringe to finish….