Breakfast Burrito Recipe n Odds n Ends


I’ve been working on getting odds and ends finished. Got rid of 4 Walmart bags full of finished crafts on top of the dog cage. Now they’re neatly stacked in labeled bankers boxes with inventory lists in my notebook.  Makes me feel so organized!

Working on a tutorial for fixing knitting boo-boos with a crochet hook. Guess what? You can’t photograph a tutorial from the webcam. DUH!!!!! So I told Tim he needs to get behind me and take the step by step pics. Got the Look.  So I don’t know when I can post the tutorial. Especially since he got a new puter and he’s been playing with it all afternoon. (His old one died last night.)

I love McDonald’s breakfasts. But I’m not a morning person. Can’t say how many times I’ve ordered a breakfast burrito or sausage mcmuffin only to be told “we quit serving those five minutes ago”.  So I was really happy to find a copycat McDonalds breakfast burrito recipe on

Waiting for yarn from Herrschners. Love that they take PayPal. And the selection is so much better than the local Walmart. I ordered some black crochet cotton for some jewelry designs I have in mind.

Gotta go for now. Maybe I can find a Sausage Mcmuffin recipe!


About judy33873

I'm a wife/mother/grandma in west central Florida USA. I enjoy all types of needlecrafts, especially crochet and beadwork, and design many of my own patterns. My hubby, Tim, and I have a traveling non-denominational gospel music ministry (currently somewhat inactive due to health issues).

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