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Beaded Necklaces


I like all types of beadweaving–especially Dutch Spiral stitch.do Here are some samples of my beadwork:

Spiral Necklace

Spiral Rainbow Necklace


Crystal Hearts Necklace

Here are some tutorials to make your own spiral rope. http://www.beadinggem.com/2009/01/spiral-stitch-bead-tutorials.html

Of course, you can always order the finished spiral necklaces from me! 😉

Next major step on the agenda is to set up my Etsy shop for finished crafts and do the pattern pdfs for the crochet and knit patterns.

Since I came home from the nursing home, I see all kinds of things here that need to be done. But it seems that almost everything I think of involves moving things or rearranging that I can’t do yet. I did manage to re-organize the grocery cupboards–while I was gone the guys just shoved things wherever there was room. Never noticed there was a “vegetable place, a fruit place, a sauce place, etc.” To them, it was all a “can place”. Now I can once again open the door and see what we need before we go to the store and end up with 45 cans of green beans and no corn!

But at least I can feel like I accomplish something with my crafts! And the extra money helps too!