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Free Pattern link: Valentine Slippers


It’s been cold here for the past few days. Mid-twenties! For this we could’ve stayed in Indiana! Most of the time, the winter months are the best time to be here. Most of our close neighbors are snowbirds, so our neighborhood is pretty quiet from April to October.

I’ve been working on my friend Alicia’s sweater. Hope I can  post a photo when it’s finished. Also did a Facebook page for NameBlessings, but it needs some tweaking. Also added a NameBlessings page for here. Order yours while they’re still free!

One thing I really miss about the nursing home is the crochet pals I had there. Every day, Martha, Nancy and I would sit together in the atrium and crochet. Our table was known as the “knitting table”(most staff members admired our “knitting” no matter how many times we called it crochet! ) Martha is a newbie and perpetually surprised by the variety of things you can crochet. Nancy is an expert crocheter, and we loved sharing knowledge and encouragement with one another. I’m looking forward to making new friends through this blog and the online communities I’ve joined!


Free Pattern of the Day:

Anticipating the next holiday​ Today’s free pattern has a cute Valentine theme.

Valentine Slippers

The pattern for these cute slippers can be found at http://www.momsloveofcrochet.com/ValentineSlippers.html


Some people worry about crocheted or knitted slippers being too slippery and leading to falls. You can use dimensional fabric paint on the soles to create a non-skid alternative. Just squiggle the paint on in any pattern you like.


Have you seen the chairside yarn buckets? They hold 6 large skeins and keep yarn clean and tangle free. But I’d rather spend the 20 on yarn! Especially when an empty Tidy Cat bucket with 6 ¼ inch holes in the lid does the same job for free! (And gives hubby a chance to “help” with the crafting!

Tim just LOVES to play with his cordless drill!)

Here’s another quick and easy recipe: cheese vegetable soup.


2 slices white onion, diced

2 TBS margarine

1 bag frozen mixed vegetables (I use the kind WITHOUT lima beans!)


milk (2-3 cups)

¼ c flour

2′ chunk of Velveeta, diced


saute onion in margarine until transparent. Add vegetables; cover with water. Cook until vegetables are done. Add milk, flour, and cheese. Season to taste. (Freezes well).


That’s all for this time. Keep coming back for more great free patterns!